Curly Leaf Pondweed and Rice Lake’s DNR grant, part 2

It bears repeating that the presence of Curly Leaf Pondweed upriver is a direct threat to our way of life and our property values on Lake of the Falls. Take a look at this video that was taken last summer in Rice Lake. We do NOT want this happening in our lake!


The members of the Rice Lake Association are requesting financial assistance and volunteer help from the other lake associations in the Turtle River watershed. We did send 2 volunteers last year to pull weeds in the river, and we have several more people committed to volunteering in 2022. In the Spring we will post volunteer information here on the website for those who want to help out.


The folks on Rice Lake have put a huge amount of time and effort into trying to get this problem under control. If they fail, it’s going to be our problem in another few years. We can’t let this happen! They need our help.