About our lake

Pink rainLocated near Mercer in Iron County, Lake of the Falls covers 338 acres and is 23 feet deep at its deepest point. Fish include musky, panfish, largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, northern pike and walleye.  Eagles, loons and numerous other waterfowl, frogs, turtles, and deer are common here.  We often see otters, beaver, muskrats, and lots of other small mammals, and sometimes  bears, wolves, and even, on rare occasions, moose. On many days the loudest sound is the wind in the trees, and most nights the sky is full of stars.

Survey map of Lake of the Falls (thanks Mike M.):

Lake survey mapApproximate location of fish cribs (thanks Bill D.):

LOF fish crib locations

Here is a link to the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources stocking history of Lake of the Falls (thanks again Bill D.).

Here is a copy of the DNR Fish Survey, done in 2015.

Citizen Lake Monitoring reports, showing results for water clarity and water temperature, done by volunteers from 2003-2007 and 2016-2019 for Lake of the Falls and First Black Lake, can be seen here, along with links to an Interpretive Guide and reports from other area lakes for comparison.

Results of the acoustic bat survey taken on June 2, 2017 are here. Results of the bat surveys taken in July and August, 2018, are here and here. May, 2019 here, and here is July 18, 2019. And the results of an especially magical night on the lake on August 22, 2019 are here.