About LOFA

LogoThe purpose of the Lake of the Falls Association is to maintain, protect, and enhance the quality of the lake and its surroundings for the collective interests of the members and general public. The Association’s by-laws can be read here:

Lake of the Falls Association, LOFA INC., By-Laws

Our activities from 2017 are below:

2017 LOFA Newsletter

Minutes from the May 28, 2017 Board meeting


2016 LOFA Newsletter

Minutes from the May 29, 2016 Board meeting

Minutes from the Annual Meeting on July 31, 2016

Minutes from the September 3, 2016 Board meeting


2015 LOFA Newsletter

Minutes from the Annual Meeting on August 8, 2015

Minutes from the September 6, 2015 Board meeting


President: Randy Roets – rroets@saxerac.com

Vice president: Jack Gruenke – johngruenke@yahoo.com

Secretary/treasurer: Cindy Moriarity – lucindamoriarity@hotmail.com

Board Members:

Jim Hanneman – jrhanneman@aol.com

Mike Moriarity – moriarity.mike@gmail.com

Gene Grall – ggrall@outlook.com

Mike Kruger – mike.kruger@gmail.com

Jack Schuett – jschu73656@aol.com

BECOME A MEMBER! Membership is open to any individual, family, business, or organization that subscribes to the purposes of the Association and owns or leases property in the vicinity of the lake. Annual dues is $20. Download our Membership Application and send it to the address at the bottom of the form.


Our web blog is intended to help neighbors around the lake keep in touch from wherever they are. We can post pictures, news, information, gossip, and anything else we want to here. It is open to all members of the Lake of the Falls Association.

Contributing content is easy: just send information and photos (and any questions you might have) to lofassociation@gmail.com. We will post your contributions to the blog, where everyone can see and comment on them. This is a public website, so be sure to keep it clean and friendly!   Enjoy!

Jack Schuett  and Cindy Moriarity, blog coordinators

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  1. […] minutes from the latest Board of Directors meeting have been added to our About LOFA page for anyone who’s interested in reading them. It was a pretty good meeting! Also, there […]

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