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Zach Wilson to speak at the May board meeting

Join Iron County Land and Water Conservation Specialist Zach Wilson on Sunday, May 29 at 11:00 (after the board meeting) at Beaver’s Resort to learn about Water Quality and Aquatic Invasive Species Monitoring. Zach will be discussing the latest information on the Turtle River curly leaf pondweed occurrences and spread, as well as proper monitoring techniques for Lake of the Falls.


This is a good chance to get your questions answered by someone who knows the situation inside-out. Hope to see a lot of LOFA members there.

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The 2022 Annual Newsletter is here!

Click here to read the Lake of the Falls Association’s annual newsletter for 2022. It has the dates for all our upcoming events, updates on the pondweed situation on Rice Lake, a lovely opening letter from our board president Jan Tesch, and more. LOFA members have already received a copy of the newsletter in their mailboxes, together with a membership renewal form, but you can also renew your membership right here on the website. Either way, thanks for supporting the Lake of the Falls Association!

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Volunteer to protect Lake of the Falls

The Rice Lake Association’s website now features a sign-up  page where we can volunteer for specific days during Week 1 (May 31-June 4) and/or Week 2 (June 6-June11) of their 2022 Pondweed Pull.  More information is available on their website. And they have started a Facebook page with some impressive photos from last year’s Pull.


The Iron County Land and Water Conservation Department is coordinating volunteers to paddle and pull weeds in the Turtle River between Pike Lake and Rice Lake, and into the southern basin of Rice Lake, on June 6, 7, 8 and 9, and here is where you can go to sign up for that.


Pike Lake Neighbors Inc. has this page on their website outlining the aquatic invasive species they’ve found there, and will be planning hand-pulling events throughout the summer.


In the past few years on Lake of the Falls we’ve found some Yellow Flag Iris along the riverbed north of the lake, and there’s some growing near the channel into First Black. That’s the only Aquatic Invasive Species we’ve found in our lake (that we know of) and it would be great to keep it that way.

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Getting organized for The Great Weed Pull 2022

LOFA members on our mailing list all received this email from Bob Kary of the Rice Lake Association outlining this year’s plans and asking for help this June, as they resume their battle with Curly Leaf Pondweed. It bears repeating that Lake of the Falls is in the direct path of this plant’s invasion of the Turtle River watershed, and if it gets a toehold in our lake it will be with us forever, clogging up our water and lowering our property values. Let’s help them out so that this doesn’t happen! Contact Bob at to volunteer your boat and/or your time, and send them a donation through their GoFundMe page, too. If we all work together we can get this under control.



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