Waiting out the winter – 2 things to do

Happy New Year! Only a few more months until ice-off, so here are some things to do while we’re waiting. Coming next week is an online seminar presented by Wisconsin Lakes (LOFA is a member) titled, “Understanding the Aquatic Plant Management Rulemaking: A Webinar.” They always make their webinar titles sound so exciting (not). But if the state of Wisconsin is changing the state regulations “related to chemical and mechanical/manual management of aquatic plants,” and since we put in a lot of time and effort over the last 2 years pulling Curly Leaf Pondweed out of the Turtle River in an effort to keep it out of Lake of the Falls, maybe we should pay attention to this. The webinar is next Tuesday, January 4 at 4:30 pm and will be presented over Zoom. Registration is required and you can follow this link to sign up.


Next is Wisconsin Water Week, coming the first week in April.The annual Lakes and Rivers Conference is expected to be an in-person event this year and is scheduled for April 6-8 in Stevens Point. For people who would rather not attend in person, there is also an online option. Registration will open in January and all the info for the whole week is at this link. Last year’s conference turned out to be really interesting, so take a look at what’s being offered for this year. There might be something that will change your life!