Curly Leaf Pondweed

Last week several LOFA members attended an online training session led by Zach Wilson of the Iron County Land and Water Conservation Department about how to identify Curly Leaf Pondweed (CLP), a persistent aquatic invasive species which has infested Rice Lake and has been recently discovered growing in PIke Lake, just up the river from Lake of the Falls. The ICLWC is partnering with the Iron County Lakes and Rivers Alliance in an effort to control CLP and prevent it’s spread., and the landowners around Pike Lake are forming a new lake association specifically to meet this challenge. Volunteers are being trained and scheduled to hand-pull the weeds in the next few weeks during their early growth period, when they can be identified and removed without spreading further.

If Curly Leaf Pondweed were to make its way into Lake of the Falls it would be a serious problem for all of us. Our lake has the perfect environment for it to grow and thrive. Here is a video produced by the North Lakeland Discovery Center showing how to identify the plant. Since we can’t meet in person to learn about this together, please watch the video and be on the lookout for CLP when you are out on the lake or up the river. If you find any don’t pull it, but send a note immediately to so we can let Zach know. And if you want to volunteer as a “pondweed puller” on Pike Lake see this page on their website for more information


The 2020 Annual Newsletter is here

The annual newsletter of the Lake of the Falls Association went into the mail on Monday, so LOFA members probably have their copies by now. Or, you can read it right here. A couple of things to note: The spring board meeting, originally scheduled for May 24, has been postponed until Sunday, June 14 at 10:00 at Beaver’s. We’ll meet outside, sit far apart from each other, and talk a little louder than usual. Everyone is welcome; bring your own lawn chair. And after the meeting, Zach Wilson from the Iron County Department of Land and Water Conservation (I wish they’d get a shorter name) will talk to us about the aquatic invasive species present in Pike Lake, and what we can do to prevent their spread into Lake of the Falls. At least, that’s the plan for now! If we have to postpone again, we’ll let everyone know.

The proposed revisions to the by-laws, to be voted on at the annual meeting on August 2, can be seen here.

Feedback is always welcome. Post a comment here or send a note to the LOFA Board at

Covid-19 updates from the Wisconsin Department of Health Services

Here is a link to the website of the Wisconsin Department of Health Services. It includes Covid-19 data by county, and a map that is updated daily. Follow these links to the Iron County Public Health Department, and the Vilas County Public Health Department for more local information. And here is an article that appeared last night on NPR’s website projecting when each state is expected to “peak;” it is just a prediction, and it will probably change over time, but I thought it was interesting.

Social distancing seems to be working – stay safe, everyone!

There is still time to register for the Wisconsin Lakes and Rivers Convention

The Wisconsin Lakes and Rivers Convention, sponsored by the UW Lakes Extension and normally held annually in Stevens Point, is going online this year and takes place this Thursday and Friday, April 2 and 3. It includes presentations on a huge variety of topics of interest to people like us, and registration is cheap – $10 a day. You can still register for Thursday and Friday, even right up to the day-of. Follow this link for quick “walk up” registration. For more information, see the Convention’s main page, and take a look at their Facebook page, too. Every session will be recorded for later playback, and will be available online later on in April.

Turtle River Watershed Stewardship Project to Fight Curly Leaf Pondweed

This letter from LOFA treasurer Jack Schuett was sent to everyone on our mailing list earlier today:

LOFA members,
I received this from Dick Theide yesterday. Since this issue could potentially affect OUR lake I encourage anyone that can help do so. Please download the attached form indicating how you could help and return as indicated.
Thanking you in advance,
Jack Schuett


If you haven’t already, PLEASE READ THE LETTER BY CLICKING HERE. It’s vital that we all be on the same page when it comes to meeting the challenge of Curly Leaf Pondweed before it reaches Lake of the Falls. A printable version of the volunteer information form is here.


MARK YOUR CALENDARS! I talked this week to Zach Wilson from the Iron County Department of Land and Water Conservation, and he is planning to meet with LOFA members to discuss this problem at 1:00pm on Tuesday, May 26 (the day after Memorial Day) at Beaver’s Resort. Also, Emily Heald, the Water Program Coordinator at the North Lakeland Discovery Center, is scheduled to give a presentation on Aquatic Invasive Species identification at our annual picnic on Sunday, August 2. Details will follow when we get closer to the dates.