Proposed change to Iron County shoreland zoning ordinance

Edit: The Iron County zoning commission met on Tuesday and agreed to leaving the zoning ordinance as-is. Seems like we’re in good shape on this front.

LOFA members, we received this email from Jeffrey Malison of the Turtle-Flambeau Flowage and Trude Lake Property Owners’ Association yesterday outlining a proposed change to Iron County’s shoreland zoning ordinance to allow for increased development at the request of Gateway Lodge. The developer is seeking to build 4 additional rental houses (one already on the parcel) on a 75′ wide, 1-acre shoreland parcel on the Flowage and he has asked the County to change the ordinance in a way that would allow the development. The change would impact all lake and riverfront properties throughout Iron County. Read the entire email here for the details.


Contact information for the Iron County Zoning committee members and the Zoning Administrator are in the email, and the next Iron County Zoning Committee meeting is scheduled for this Tuesday, March 15 in Hurley. Residents’ input can be very important in the decision-making process, and LOFA members are encouraged to write, call, or (best option) attend the meeting to help guide our elected officials to make good decisions to protect our lakes and our property values.