Our website has moved!

Our fancy new website is now being hosted by, a network of Wisconsin lake organizations who collectively help each other build and maintain their websites without needing extensive technical knowledge. What this means to us is that our site now has better security, frequent back-ups, looks really cool (at least I think so),  and that we may be able to add more features in the future. It’s also a lot easier to work with! Our gmail address is still the same,, so if there is anything you would like to contribute just send it along and we’ll be happy to put it up. Comments are enabled, but if you subscribed to the website in the past you may have to re-subscribe. We are still working on that and will let you know.


The minutes of the May 30th LOFA Board meeting can be read here. The Annual Meeting and Picnic is scheduled for Sunday, August 1st. More information on that will be available as we get closer to the day. It will be great to see everyone again!