CLP Season is almost here

The single biggest threat to the health of Lake of the Falls right now is the presence of Curly Leaf Pondweed in Rice Lake, Pike Lake, and the Turtle River. Volunteers from Lake of the Falls, Pike Lake, the Turtle Flambeau Flowage, and beyond have so far been successful in keeping¬† CLP under control in Pike Lake and the river, but each year brings the challenge of keeping it in check. This page details what we know about CLP in our river system, and the map shows the locations of CLP upriver from Lake of the Falls as of last October. Too close! We need to keep pulling these weeds so they don’t wreak havoc in our lake.


It’s time to make plans to renew our efforts. Iron County Conservation Specialist Zach Wilson has scheduled CLP pulling events on the river and in Pike Lake for the weeks of June 10-13, July 8-11, and August 6-8. You can see the sign-up form for these river trips, and some of the details, at this link. Please sign up for as many days as you can, so Zach knows who’s all coming, and mark your calendars! Canoes, paddles and all necessary supplies will be provided.


Additionally, the Turtle River Volunteers organize smaller trips to check for and pull weeds, in between the big efforts. A paddle up the river with friends on a warm summer day, and a couple of hours knee-deep in our lovely river, can be a nice way to spend an afternoon! We use a Google mailing list to keep track of who is going out when, what they find, and where they find it. Anyone who would like to join in can send an email to to be included in the list. New volunteers are always welcome.


The Pike Lake Neighbors Association’s website contains a wealth of information about CLP, and a good summary of what to expect from a weed-pulling expedition. With everyone working together, we can keep CLP under control!