Suggested revisions to the bylaws, and a rainbow!

LOFA members, please click here to review the revisions to the bylaws that were submitted at last week’s Annual Meeting by Board member Jim Hannemann. If you have any comments, email them to or talk to any Board member before the September 2nd Board meeting. (The current version of our bylaws can be read here.) Thanks.

And while you’re doing that, enjoy this beautiful rainbow over the lake, captured on film (or whatever) by Di Sino. Thanks for the picture, Di! (To really appreciate this, click on the picture to enlarge.)


  1. “The purpose of the Association is to maintain, protect, and enhance the quality of Lake of the
    Falls and its surrounding watershed for the collective interests of the members and general public.”

    I would like add:for the health of the native flora and fauna as well as the members and general public.

    Let’s not forget that it’s the natural world and all the critters, plants and trees that make this place so special. It’s all of that, that brings us here.

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