Beautiful day for a picnic

The weather was perfect for the Lake of the Falls Association’s annual meeting and picnic, held last Sunday August 4 at Beaver’s Resort. The 42 people in attendance enjoyed burgers and brats cooked by grilling expert Jeremy Wehrmann and delicious sides and desserts provided by everyone. Many thanks to president Jan Tesch for coordinating everything so beautifully, and to Tom Ziegler for his invaluable assistance, and for letting us use his lawn. Congratulations to lucky Dani Graf, who won the 50/50 raffle and also won free dues for next year. (We’ll have to remember to stir up the raffle tickets better the next time!)

At the annual meeting all of the officers whose terms were up ran for reelection and nobody else stepped forward, so we have the same board as before. That sure makes my job easier! You can read the minutes from the meeting here.