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The 2021 Annual Newsletter is here!

This year’s annual newsletter, which was mailed to all LOFA members on May 1st, is also available here on our new website. It contains more info about our ongoing fight to prevent the spread of Curly Leaf Pondweed, an aggressive aquatic invasive species, into our lake, and also lists the dates for our 2021 board meetings and the annual meeting in July.

The first board meeting of  2021 will take place at 10:00 on Sunday, May 30 at Beaver’s. We will be outdoors if the weather permits. Everyone is welcome. Among other things, we will discuss what to do about the annual picnic, which we had to cancel last year due to the pandemic. As soon as we decide what to do it will, of course, be announced on the website and by email.

Anyone who has an opinion about whether to proceed with the picnic in 2021 is welcome to attend, submit a comment on this website, or send an email to Thanks for weighing in!

Heading for this post

Sample post for practice page including header, text, columns, photos, and some other things.

Including a first paragraph and some spacing practice.
Shift + enter for no extra space in between. Do it again.
Works every time.Good to know.

I created three columns: one has this text in it and each of the other two contains a photo. I adjusted the margins in the hummingbird picture to center it. Adjusting the padding seems to work for that, as well.

Heading for the second section

Second section on test page. This one will be for more practice.

We just got a new boat! We ordered it in January and it was delivered yesterday. It is a small pontoon boat just perfect for this lake. We are only slightly overwhelmed right now and have a lot to learn.

In this post I entered the photo directly into the text box and then moved it around by clicking on the image in the editing column and selecting the position in the pop-up. Then I accidentally deleted everything, found the history button at the bottom of the edit column, and restored it. I thought I was just deleting the photo. There’s less control over the photo doing it this way.Joe Pye Weed and a Tiger Swallowtail

Third section. This is getting easier each time.

More text and practice inserting images. Karen showed me 3 ways to do this. Type, type, type, need some more text to have something to work around. In this one I dragged an image widget under the text and filled it with this spectacular rainbow photo that Di Sino took.

Then once again I changed the margins (only the top margins) to center the photos relative to each other.

In each of these posts, the photos aren’t clickable. In the old version the photos in the posts could be enlarged. Maybe for this reason it would be good to have a gallery page for the best shots; my impression is that those would be enlargeable.

This looks nice, though.

Heading over two columns that I created using the duplicate option in the columns button

  • One
  • Two
  • Three
  • Four
  • Five
  • Six
  • Seven
  • Eight
  • Nine
  • Ten

Used separate widgets for the heading (so it would cover both columns), the column section, and this text area. And I’m putting in a photo just for fun. Pretty sure this is a hooded merganser that Diana took.