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Getting organized for The Great Weed Pull 2022

LOFA members on our mailing list all received this email from Bob Kary of the Rice Lake Association outlining this year’s plans and asking for help this June, as they resume their battle with Curly Leaf Pondweed. It bears repeating that Lake of the Falls is in the direct path of this plant’s invasion of the Turtle River watershed, and if it gets a toehold in our lake it will be with us forever, clogging up our water and lowering our property values. Let’s help them out so that this doesn’t happen! Contact Bob at to volunteer your boat and/or your time, and send them a donation through their GoFundMe page, too. If we all work together we can get this under control.



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Another post about Curly Leaf Pondweed

. . .and unfortunately it’s not good news. It seems that, in spite of all their efforts, the 15 families that make up the Rice Lake Association have lost their DNR grant to fight CLP in Rice Lake, and the whole Turtle River system downstream from Rice is at risk of infestation. Of course, that includes Lake of the Falls. Read this letter from the Iron County Lakes and Rivers Alliance for the details, and here is the final letter from Christine Halbur of the WDNR informing the RLA that their grant has been closed.


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Rice Lake gets the grant

The Rice Lake Association has received a three year, $127,000 Aquatic Invasive Species grant from the Wisconsin DNR to aid in removal of the invasive Curly Leaf Pondweed from their lake. That’s good news for them and for us, but there is still a lot of work to be done to prevent this nasty weed from spreading downriver to Pike Lake and Lake of the Falls. Click here to read the article that appeared in this week’s Iron County Miner and stay tuned for ways you can help when the time comes.

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Curly Leaf Pondweed

Last week several LOFA members attended an online training session led by Zach Wilson of the Iron County Land and Water Conservation Department about how to identify Curly Leaf Pondweed (CLP), a persistent aquatic invasive species which has infested Rice Lake and has been recently discovered growing in PIke Lake, just up the river from Lake of the Falls. The ICLWC is partnering with the Iron County Lakes and Rivers Alliance in an effort to control CLP and prevent it’s spread., and the landowners around Pike Lake are forming a new lake association specifically to meet this challenge. Volunteers are being trained and scheduled to hand-pull the weeds in the next few weeks during their early growth period, when they can be identified and removed without spreading further.

If Curly Leaf Pondweed were to make its way into Lake of the Falls it would be a serious problem for all of us. Our lake has the perfect environment for it to grow and thrive. Here is a video produced by the North Lakeland Discovery Center showing how to identify the plant. Since we can’t meet in person to learn about this together, please watch the video and be on the lookout for CLP when you are out on the lake or up the river.

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Walleyes reconsidered – a conversation with Zach Lawson

On October 23rd several LOFA members met with Wisconsin DNR Fisheries Biologist Zach Lawson to talk about fish species, catch limits, habitat, and the health of Lake of the Falls. It was a good conversation! We’re grateful to Zach for taking the time to come out, and to Bill Dalpiaz for setting it up. You can read my notes from the meeting here, and then take a look at Zach’s handouts.

Edit on November 13: I received some revisions to the meeting notes from Zach today, so am posting the corrected copy here. His changes are in italics. He also sent Survey Reports from 2015 for Lake of the Falls and for Third Black Lake in 2016. Regarding the meeting handout posted above, he asked me to remind everyone that “the historic recruitment/stocking/cpe’s document was compiled data from our files here and does NOT have any dialogue associated. Those figures are a rather complex representation of the data we have in hand, were meant for a meeting setting explaination, and therefore, I ask people who view/interoperate those figures/data,

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