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Pondweed and fish update

Here is an excerpt from the thank-you letter sent by the Rice Lake Association to the many volunteers who participated in The Great Weed Pull 2022. Several families from Lake of the Falls joined weed-pullers from all over Iron County and beyond in the effort to control Curly Leaf Pondweed in Rice Lake and the Turtle River during the first 2 weeks of June. While it’s unlikely that CLP will ever be completely removed from our watershed, this year’s effort was a great success and much progress was made.Go to to see photos of the weed-pullers in action, and please consider volunteering for next year’s event. It’s starting to look like we may be able to beat this, with everybody’s help!


“…We think back fondly on each and every day we spent with you on the water. The herculean effort you made to pull those big loads of pondweed into your boat.  The friendly competition of who had the most bags of CLP. Your sense of humor and kind and gentle good nature. The sharing of a meal each day prepared by our wonderful Rice Lake family. The memories are endless and dear.

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“Lake Plants You Should Know”

, , , is a field guide published by UW-Extension Lakes, the Citizens Lake Monitoring Network, and Clean Boats Clean Waters that features LIFE-SIZE photos of many of the aquatic plants we find in our lakes, plus a few we hope never to find. And it’s waterproof, so you can take it out in your boat and use it to get to  know your plants. And now the Lake of the Falls Association has it’s own copy, which you can borrow by sending a note to [email protected] Take this book out for a paddle and get it dirty! Get to know what’s growing in your water!


And don’t forget Conservation on Tap this Thursday evening, June 9th, at 6:00 at The Pines, where Zach Wilson will present on everyone’s favorite topic, invasive species and what we’re doing to stop them. See you on Thursday!

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Volunteer to protect Lake of the Falls

The Rice Lake Association’s website now features a sign-up  page where we can volunteer for specific days during Week 1 (May 31-June 4) and/or Week 2 (June 6-June11) of their 2022 Pondweed Pull.  More information is available on their website. And they have started a Facebook page with some impressive photos from last year’s Pull.


The Iron County Land and Water Conservation Department is coordinating volunteers to paddle and pull weeds in the Turtle River between Pike Lake and Rice Lake, and into the southern basin of Rice Lake, on June 6, 7, 8 and 9, and here is where you can go to sign up for that.


Pike Lake Neighbors Inc. has this page on their website outlining the aquatic invasive species they’ve found there, and will be planning hand-pulling events throughout the summer.


In the past few years on Lake of the Falls we’ve found some Yellow Flag Iris along the riverbed north of the lake, and there’s some growing near the channel into First Black. That’s the only Aquatic Invasive Species we’ve found in our lake (that we know of) and it would be great to keep it that way.

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Getting organized for The Great Weed Pull 2022

LOFA members on our mailing list all received this email from Bob Kary of the Rice Lake Association outlining this year’s plans and asking for help this June, as they resume their battle with Curly Leaf Pondweed. It bears repeating that Lake of the Falls is in the direct path of this plant’s invasion of the Turtle River watershed, and if it gets a toehold in our lake it will be with us forever, clogging up our water and lowering our property values. Let’s help them out so that this doesn’t happen! Contact Bob at [email protected] to volunteer your boat and/or your time, and send them a donation through their GoFundMe page, too. If we all work together we can get this under control.



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Another post about Curly Leaf Pondweed

. . .and unfortunately it’s not good news. It seems that, in spite of all their efforts, the 15 families that make up the Rice Lake Association have lost their DNR grant to fight CLP in Rice Lake, and the whole Turtle River system downstream from Rice is at risk of infestation. Of course, that includes Lake of the Falls. Read this letter from the Iron County Lakes and Rivers Alliance for the details, and here is the final letter from Christine Halbur of the WDNR informing the RLA that their grant has been closed.


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