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Earlier this month we received this email from Zach Lawson, Fisheries Biologist with the Wisconsin DNR:

We stocked 4,454 walleyes (in Lake of the Falls) the last week of September average size about 7-8”. We won’t be in LOF in the spring targeting walleyes for a couple of years, but we are seeing a few fish in that 12-17” range in some of our other survey work out there so that is encouraging. I am also getting some reports from folks that are catching fish in that size range too, which should be some of these stocked fish from the last few years. It is nice to see some progress and these fish just stocked should keep trickling up into the adult population! Hopefully they will start doing it on their own in a short while here – we’ll keep an eye on it.


Last week a team from Xcel Energy installed new replacement electric cable under the north end of the lake to feed power to the Voyager area and the residences on West Lake Road. Crews worked for 5 days straight on the shore and in the water in an effort to improve the reliability of  our electric service. Mike M. got these photos:


DNR Fish Survey

Welcome, walleye!

Jack, Arch, Mike, and Bob introduced over a thousand walleye from Kalaap Fish Farm to their new home in our lake on Wednesday.  Hopefully, we’ll meet some of them again in a few years!

A special thank you to Arch for the use of his pontoon boat and to Mike and his friend Bob for their assistance.

Fish stocking

This came from Bill D. the other day:

“I have a couple of things for the LOFA web page if you care to put them up. The first is a link to the WDNR stocking history of LOF. I’ve also attached a PDF file with the approximate locations of the fish cribs.

Thanks for sending these, Bill! A lot of folks will appreciate it.