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Our final board meeting of 2021, and another bat survey

The final LOFA board meeting of 2021 is scheduled for this Sunday, September 5 at 10:00 at Beavers. Anyone interested is welcome to attend! And here is the map from our bat survey of July 22. Usually our mid-year survey detects 5 species, but this year we only detected 3. The good news is that our Little Browns are still with us in spite of their population decline due to White Nose Syndrome. The final bat survey, is scheduled for September 7-9. Our surveys are part of a project run by the Wisconsin DNR and the North Lakeland Discovery Center.


It’s hard to believe that autumn is upon us already. If anyone gets some good photos of fall color around the lake send them to and we’ll post them in our gallery – or upload them to our Lake of the Falls Facebook page!

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Great shots!

Diana Sino sent some pics of summer and fall ’14, from her side of the lake. Thanks, Diana!

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A walk on the road

These photos are from a walk I took on the morning of October 30. It had been raining all night and the sun shone intermittently through the clouds, providing some interesting light. They were taken on Lake of the Falls Road between the stop sign and the left turn by Voyager. I thought they were nice enough to share.

If you have pictures from around the lake, you’re invited to send them to I think everyone would enjoy seeing them posted here. Thanks!

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Bonnie H. sent these beautiful Autumn photos from the Turtle River at the south end of the lake. Wow! Thanks, Bonnie!

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