Open water at last

Finally! Spring arrived last week, May 2-5, after 6 months of snow and ice. Visit the Mercer Chamber of Commerce’s Facebook page for ice-off photos from lots of area lakes!

The LOFA annual newsletter is almost ready and will probably be delivered to your mailboxes early next week.


Ice off may be a little late this year…

…but that didn’t keep this lucky otter from finding a delicious meal below the ice on April 4th! I was lucky enough to have my camera out as he brought this snapping turtle up onto the shore at the north end of the lake and gorged himself on fresh meat. When an eagle and some crows arrived he relocated to the middle of the lake, finished eating, and dropped the carcass back into the water. No free meal for the birds, who looked a little disappointed!

Seven Swans a Swimming

Well maybe a family of 6…they appeared this morning where the river enters the lake. It has been unseasonably warm and the ice has froze and melted several times by us. Last week there were five Goldeneye ducks swimming in front of the dock. The photo of the Goldeneye is one I pulled from the Internet.

Today in is raining and in the mid forties. Tomorrow a cold front comes and all week it is supposed to be in the teens.IMG_0171Goldeneye


You can help bring broadband Internet service to Lake of the Falls

Please read this letter from the Gogebic Range Broadband Committee about their effort to bring broadband Internet service to our area. Anyone who has missed an important email or waited forever for a very slow download will appreciate how great it would be if we had better online access! If enough of us write letters of support this may become a reality. The details are available here. Thanks!

The first snowfall was beautiful

It’s mostly melted by now, but here are some pictures from last Saturday 10/28, for those who missed it.