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Proposed change to Iron County shoreland zoning ordinance

Edit: The Iron County zoning commission met on Tuesday and agreed to leaving the zoning ordinance as-is. Seems like we’re in good shape on this front.

LOFA members, we received this email from Jeffrey Malison of the Turtle-Flambeau Flowage and Trude Lake Property Owners’ Association yesterday outlining a proposed change to Iron County’s shoreland zoning ordinance to allow for increased development at the request of Gateway Lodge. The developer is seeking to build 4 additional rental houses (one already on the parcel) on a 75′ wide, 1-acre shoreland parcel on the Flowage and he has asked the County to change the ordinance in a way that would allow the development. The change would impact all lake and riverfront properties throughout Iron County. Read the entire email here for the details.


Contact information for the Iron County Zoning committee members and the Zoning Administrator are in the email, and the next Iron County Zoning Committee meeting is scheduled for this Tuesday, March 15 in Hurley. Residents’ input can be very important in the decision-making process, and LOFA members are encouraged to write,

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Curly Leaf Pondweed and Rice Lake’s DNR grant, part 1

LOFA members, please take a look at this letter from Bob Kary of the Rice Lake Association with an update on the status of their DNR grant, which is in support of their effort to control the Curly Leaf Pondweed infestation that has taken over Rice Lake. The grant is in jeopardy because of a SNAFU over the DNR’s requirement of a public boat landing on the lake. For further clarification of the problem, this letter written by Dick Thiede outlines what has happened, and the current status of the grant.


The gist of all this is that the Rice Lake Association’s DNR grant is dependent on putting a public boat ramp on their lake. They have an existing space for public access, but it was previously not titled to the Town of Mercer, who is supposed to be responsible for public boat landings.  Now it is, though, and last February the town board committed to improving the ramp. But the latest is that someone from the DNR  has decided that there is no suitable place on Rice Lake for a public boat ramp,

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Rice Lake gets the grant

The Rice Lake Association has received a three year, $127,000 Aquatic Invasive Species grant from the Wisconsin DNR to aid in removal of the invasive Curly Leaf Pondweed from their lake. That’s good news for them and for us, but there is still a lot of work to be done to prevent this nasty weed from spreading downriver to Pike Lake and Lake of the Falls. Click here to read the article that appeared in this week’s Iron County Miner and stay tuned for ways you can help when the time comes.

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Outdoor Rec Plan survey

Hi folks – I wanted to share the below survey information.  As you might know, Iron County will begin revising some of its planning documents this year.  The below survey will provide the county forestry department and county board with information on what citizens would like to see in terms of recreation.  Please pass the information on to others who may be interested.

–Terry D

Here is the link to the Outdoor Recreation Plan Survey.  Please feel free to pass this on to everyone.  The more responses we receive the better direction we can take.  The survey will be open for 30 days.  We will then send out a questionnaire to the municipalities and organized recreation clubs for group responses.  They will be given the results of the survey to take into consideration.


Tara Krall, Office Manager/Trail Coordinator, Iron County Forestry Department

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