New Lake Association Sign

We would like to thank LOFA Board member Jim Hannemann and craftsman David McNutt for our new sign under the lake kiosk, it really looks great.Kiosk Sign


Save the date! Our annual picnic is Sunday, July 29.

As usual, we will have our Annual Membership Meeting at 11:00 followed by the picnic at noon. Thanks as always to Tom and Nikki at Beaver’s for letting us use their beautiful grounds! We’ll have more details as we get closer to the date.

The minutes from the May Board meeting are available here.

The 2018 Summer Newsletter is in the mail

. . .and also here on the website! It includes details about the Annual Picnic, a couple of proposed changes to the Association’s bylaws, updates on efforts to bring Broadband service to Lake of the Falls, and everything you need to know about the Wisconsin Walleye Initiative. Which I bet you didn’t even know you needed! Feedback is always welcome. Post a comment here or send a note to the LOFA Board at

Click here to read the newsletter.

Open water at last

Finally! Spring arrived last week, May 2-5, after 6 months of snow and ice. Visit the Mercer Chamber of Commerce’s Facebook page for ice-off photos from lots of area lakes!

The LOFA annual newsletter is almost ready and will probably be delivered to your mailboxes early next week.

Ice off may be a little late this year…

…but that didn’t keep this lucky otter from finding a delicious meal below the ice on April 4th! I was lucky enough to have my camera out as he brought this snapping turtle up onto the shore at the north end of the lake and gorged himself on fresh meat. When an eagle and some crows arrived he relocated to the middle of the lake, finished eating, and dropped the carcass back into the water. No free meal for the birds, who looked a little disappointed!