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The 2020 Annual Newsletter is here

The annual newsletter of the Lake of the Falls Association went into the mail on Monday, so LOFA members probably have their copies by now. Or, you can read it right here. A couple of things to note: The spring board meeting, originally scheduled for May 24, has been postponed until Sunday, June 14 at 10:00 at Beaver’s. We’ll meet outside, sit far apart from each other, and talk a little louder than usual. Everyone is welcome; bring your own lawn chair. And after the meeting, Zach Wilson from the Iron County Department of Land and Water Conservation (I wish they’d get a shorter name) will talk to us about the aquatic invasive species present in Pike Lake, and what we can do to prevent their spread into Lake of the Falls. At least, that’s the plan for now! If we have to postpone again, we’ll let everyone know.

The proposed revisions to the by-laws, to be voted on at the annual meeting on August 2, can be seen here.

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