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Turtle River Watershed Management Conference recap

Fifty-four people representing 31 local and statewide organizations attended last Wednesday’s conference at the Great Northern Hotel, which was highlighted by speakers from the Wisconsin DNR, the Iron County Land and Water Conservation Department, and the ICLRA. A recap of the day’s events was published in this week’s Iron County Miner and is reprinted here. Of special interest to me was the presentation by Alison Mikulyuk of the WDNR outling the structure of the support systems that exist in the state to maintain the health of our waterways and address problems that might arise. She was kind enough to share her presentation, and you can read it here.

My takeaway at the end of the afternoon was that there are definite threats upriver to the health of Lake of the Falls, including the presence of aquatic invasive species in Rice Lake and Pike Lake that are headed our way. Preventative action on our part can head this off, but we will need to really focus on this in the coming years. The first step includes gathering as much information as we can on the current status of our lake and its surroundings.

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