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The Walleyes have arrived!!


Tom, at Beaver’s, said the DNR stocked 4500-5000, 4″ to 6″ walleyes yesterday. The driver ended up at Beaver’s because he didn’t like the boat landing on Lake of the Falls Rd where they told him to put them in. (not like a previous driver)

They were asked to let us know when they were delivering but as usual nothing.

Remember the date for the meeting with the fish biologist on October 23rd if you would like to attend.

Here are a few of the pictures Tom took.




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Farewell to Summer Gathering

There were about 15 people that gathered at Beaver’s last Sunday, some happy some sad.

Happy, because the Milwaukee Brewers took the first step for a shot at the World Series! Sad, because the Packers lost to Detroit but more importantly the end of another Summer.

All agreed, this has been the wettest Fall anyone can remember. Even with the clouds the fall colors have been spectacular. If we would have had some sunshine this would have been a wonderful time to be in the Northwoods.

All had a good time talking about their Summer and past and future plans.

As I write this the lake is at Springtime levels. My dock and others on the lake are underwater. Hopefully the water will recede before the lake freezes!

Have a good winter and we will see you in the Spring.


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I Saw The Sign

No…not the Ace of Base 1993 hit but the new LOFA member sign.There here and they look great.

Tom, at Beavers Resort, has graciously agreed to be a distribution point for them.

He has one on display at the bar and they are available for $25.00 ea. Pick one up fo display at the end of your drive by the fire number or lakeside on your dock or both.



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