Outdoor Rec Plan survey

Hi folks – I wanted to share the below survey information.  As you might know, Iron County will begin revising some of its planning documents this year.  The below survey will provide the county forestry department and county board with information on what citizens would like to see in terms of recreation.  Please pass the information on to others who may be interested.

–Terry D

Here is the link to the Outdoor Recreation Plan Survey.  Please feel free to pass this on to everyone.  The more responses we receive the better direction we can take.  The survey will be open for 30 days.  We will then send out a questionnaire to the municipalities and organized recreation clubs for group responses.  They will be given the results of the survey to take into consideration.


Tara Krall, Office Manager/Trail Coordinator, Iron County Forestry Department



Grant money for shoreland restoration is available

This came from Jack S.:

I spoke with Heather Palmquist, Iron County land and water, last night at the Conservation on Tap program. She told me there is still grant money available for shoreland restoration and erosion control. If you are having an issue with your property and are not sure if your problem qualifies for assistance give her a call and speak with her. Click here for the contact information. When I received a grant 8 years ago it was a 70/30 split, they paid 70% and I paid 30%. I believe it is still that way. The project would probably not get done this year but you would be “on the books” for next year.

Alas, they don’t give money for weed control in the lake!

Fish stocking

This came from Bill D. the other day:

“I have a couple of things for the LOFA web page if you care to put them up. The first is a link to the WDNR stocking history of LOF. I’ve also attached a PDF file with the approximate locations of the fish cribs.

Thanks for sending these, Bill! A lot of folks will appreciate it.

That’s “American” Marten!

Zach sent this great photo for our post. Marten #13 doesn't look too happy to have his picture taken!

Zach sent this great photo for our post. Marten #13 doesn’t look too happy to have his picture taken!

Not Pine, American!

Last Friday Iron County Conservation Specialist Zach Wilson gave us a great talk on the American Marten, and described his efforts to identify and track them in the woods in our area with the help of local high school students.  Thanks, Zach, for a very interesting afternoon! For anyone who wants to follow up,  the Wisconsin DNR’s page on American Martens is here, the Iron County Land & Water Conservation’s web page is here, and their Facebook page is here.